Buildingspares is a platform which allows its users to buy and sell via classified ads mainly within the limit of the Construction and related Industries within the U.K. It is a way of reducing landfill and Buildingspares is built around an ethos as such. We offer the FIRST share a skip initiative of its kind in the U.K and are proud to promote these services as well as Live Scrap.

It is important to keep in mind that once you post your advert, you cannot change the category your advert has been listed in, so make sure you choose the best one for you. A good way to get an idea of where your advert should go if you aren’t sure is to search for similar adverts and checking which category they are posted under.

A buyer, prospective tenant or even an employer will claim to have sent you a bank transfer,Paypal payment or cheque for more than the value of the items / rent / job. They’ll then ask for the surplus money to be returned to them or a third party. However, the Paypal payment email or bank transfer email would be fake and would have never credited your account or the cheque will end up bouncing and the payment will be deducted from your bank account.

You can sign up and post ads of items you may not need or use any more. Just select a Category where you wish your item to be under and select the coverage you’d like when selecting an ad. It is possible to save your ad as a draft and you can post later. Any items illegal, or posts in breach of copyrights or any other form of infringement to the Law. You have the option of now stating delivery information. Local Tradesmen or persons interested in your items can contact you and collect your unwanted good.

1. When Posting your ad we hold the right to remove any ad and give you a Nil, part or full refund depending on the following,

  • Your ad breaks our terms and conditions set out.   
  • We feel the ad is not in the interest of Buildingspares (Don’t sell your soul).
  • If your ad is not in English, English is a must.
  • No additional contact details are in the ad/heading. There is a section for it so please use it.
  • We have been requested by Law Enforcement to remove your ad
  • If your account is deactivated/deleted by Buildingspares
  • Using foul language will definitely not get a refund or reactivation
  • If your ad is in the wrong Category
  • If Category rules are broken

2. Do not open multiple accounts

  • State your real name and use a single account.

3. Insert clear pictures in your ads if any.

  • If inserting pictures from other sources, it is your duty to not infringe on copyrights and to check this. We cannot be held accountable for or constantly check for this, however we do keep an eye out.


  • Category Posting Explanations

  • Posting in Aggregates and Sand: If you have items such as Cement, Plastering Bags, Bagged Adhesives you can place these items along in this Category. Only post related content, we may sometimes move an ad in the right place if we feel the need.

  • Posting in Appliances: You can sell your unwanted appliances to someone else if you no longer need, such as a landlord of a property looking for something not brand new, or someone else on a budget perhaps.

  • Bathrooms: Over ordered on tiles? Then why not sell them? Sometimes just a few tiles get a job done, such as a front porch, or small lavatory. It helps to state the retail price you would have paid and what you are looking for, there are the options when posting.

  • Building Materials: It’s amazing the materials that don’t end up being used get buried. This Category almost covers a lot of materials and can benefit you with getting something back that you may otherwise disuse and throw. Sheet materials, timbers the lot. You can also SIGN UP for email alerts and be notified upon a certain ad.

  • Carpentry & Joinery: Items in this Category generally cover wood related items as well as some others. You could be renovating your home and no longer need the doors, or the wardrobes. What about that loft hatch and ladder? We are sure you could find something.

  • Central Heating: There are sub categories as with all other main categories for you to place an ad in specific categories. With this area rapidly advancing in the construction industry there is always something to buy and sell.

  • Cladding: There are various ways this area in construction is just as rapidly advancing with left overs sitting idly making you nothing.

  • Door Furniture & Ironmongery: This category is dedicated to both historic and modern alike. There are a wide range of items related that you can post.

  • Electrical and Lighting: Job Done? Leftovers? From Cables to really technical stuff you can place an ad here dedicated to this part of the Construction Industry.

  • Flooring and Floor Finishes: You can place an ad for all types of flooring as well as floor finishes such as tiles, decorative screeds etc…

  • Garden outdoor: Had enough of your garden shed? Need a bigger shed……don’t dispose it, why not propose it. Excess wood can also be passed onto persons with bio fuel burners, if they have registered for email alerts you can sell on or pass many things that may have cost you a skip or other disposal cost.

  • Insulation: Insulation has its costs as well as being able to save a home heaps of cash throughout the seasons, if you have some left over from a project or wish to search a small amount for that little porch you just had done…..there is no need to buy a £150 roll….

  • Kitchens: Getting rid of your old kitchen? Your sink, your worktop, your units, your appliances…….someone out there is on a budget and you can help them and be rewarded yourself.

  • LIVE SCRAP: Live scrap is the first of its kind in the U.K offered nationally and this works by simply leaving your scrap for collection (saving space in your skip), with an email alerted scrap dealer who always carries cash! Reach out, why not.

  • Plant/Machinery: Whether you searching for a digger or selling an old forklift, at buildingspares you can connect and open new channels of interest, locally and nationally. Don’t be afraid to get paid.

  • Roofing: Roofing is a part of all buildings and the wastage is phenomenal. With new roofing technology on the rise and builders with left overs, here is the place to sell that bit and get something back. Everyone needs a bargain.

  • Share a Skip: THIS SCHEME IS THE FIRST OF ITS KIND OFFERED IN THE UK AND ITS BY BUILDING SPARES. THE INNOVATION CONTINUES, Yes…..It’s bold and it will always be sold! Your half full skip does not need to go back to the skip yard half empty anymore. With many construction tradesmen looking for a simple disposal area along their route or area. Get paid for a few more bags, it’s a win win.

  • Tools: This section is dedicated to all kinds of tools, you decide if you think you have too many screw drivers or if you need that part for your drill.

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